31 December 2010

Looking Back

As I say goodbye to 2010, I cannot help but look back with fondness.  This year has been amazing, a quite honestly, life changing for me and my family.  I would like to list the positives that have accompanied this year in my life.....

  • I graduated from UT with a BA in Mid East Studies, Asian Studies (East Asian Specialization), Arabic, and a minor in Japanese
  • I got a job that runs two years, and I will be a National Teaching Fellow, further living the drea,
  • I was accepted into grad school and will be working toward my Master's in Education, starting next year.
  • My honey and I bought our first home
These are the more tangible events of 2010.  Now I want to look back on some of the "me" stuff I have been working on.....
  • To be a better mother.  - This goal is a daily challenge that I face.  I have learned so much, but I still have a long way to go.  This is a goal that one never stops working on.  I succeeded in working more closely with my children and their schools, but my patience could still use some work....
  • To be a better lover. - Sometimes I get so caught up in my work and all the "need-to-be-done" tasks, that I forget to work on the romance of my relationship.  Having graduated and having less responsibility looming over my head has really contributed to taking stress off our relationship.  Although, the boy has begun working nights, so that makes our time together significantly less.....
  • To take better care of my body. - Here is an area where I have completely failed.  I have been eating better, true, but I have been so wrapped up in those dam "need-to-be-done" tasks, that I neglect my daily yoga plans. Aargh.. *sigh*
  • To nurture my spiritual life. -  The very nature of academic life is that one works to nurture their mind, but the spiritual is less emphasized.  This is true of me.  I have been doing better, especially the latter part of this year. Again, this probably has everything to do with having graduated and having less assignments....
In the New Year, I plan to work more on all of these goals, as they are not simply one year goals, but lifelong pursuits.  I am so optimistic about the coming year, as it already holds so many promises and possibilities.  I love the path I am on, and look forward to walking it.....

12 December 2010


   I just finished reading this joint effort by P.C Cast and her daughter Kristen Cast. Together they wrote a vampire novel. Actually, it is more than that.  This book is the first in a series of vampire novels.  Now, I am just as into vampires as the next guy, but I am from a different school than the current craze.  My school is comprised of Anne Rice's characters, as well as Joss Whedon's Spike and Angel.  However, I am still up for any new offering of undead lore, so I gave this novel a go....
     The story begins when our heroine, Zoey, becomes marked.  This means that she will become a vampire in a few years. As those who are marked undergo "the Change," they attend a Vampire Academy of sorts.  The rest of the book follows Zoey as she tries to fit into her new "life."
     The story has a very interesting,albeit not too original, plot line.  It is well thought out and is definitely entertaining, yet the writing is distracting.  A good writer can tell a story, including the main character's struggles and inner conflicts, and never draw the reader away from the actual tale.  However, in this story, the main character's inner monologue can be so out of place and, if you will, "wonky" that the reader has to purposely pass over it.  (Not to mention a vagrant overuse of parenthetical statetments.)....
     I do believe that I may pick up the second novel... if I can get it for free on bookmooch

05 December 2010

Life, as yet, Unplanned

I just attended the commencement ceremonies for my Bachelor's degree.  It was last night at 6pm.  Three degrees, three kids, and seven years later, I feel I have accomplished much!  It felt so good to walk across the stage and shake the Dean's hand, knowing that I was crossing the threshold into a new chapter of my life.

During the ceremony, there was a faculty speaker, Dr. Robert King.  He gave a short, simple, and sweet speech.  Contained within his speech were five "suggestions" for how to live the rest of our lives.  I found the advice to be very sound, so I thought that I should chronicle them here, lest I forget them:

1.     Be flexible.  Having graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree, flexibility is key to success in one's future....

2.     Read one book each month.  It does not matter what it is, just that you read something that does not come off of a computer screen...

3.     Do not depend on your gadgets.  One day each month, turn off all gadgets, and live!  This means cell phones, tvs, laptops, etc.

4.     Know thyself, and practice the Golden Rule.

5.     Love really is essential for living a full, fulfilled life.

25 November 2010

Happy Tofurkey Day!!

So, another day of giving thanks is here.  Another year that my family has shared and grown. 

This year I am thankful for:

....the house that we were able to buy and make our home.  A space for our children to run and grow and play.

...the dog that fell into our laps, that has brought us joy and hours of fun!

...that I will be graduating in about two weeks.

....that new paths are opening up to me, and I am able to grow and learn as I experience each day.

... that we have three healthy pecan trees in the yard that I used to fill these two sweet potato pecan pies to savor this holiday......

....and so very much more!!

25 October 2010

Another Way In Which I Still Need to Grow.....

Turns out things are not going as planned.... Not that they ever do, but I am so very good at planning.  I can visualize the many steps necessary to make a thing happen, and happen successfully, but the execution never seems to happen quick enough.....

It had been my deepest desire, as of late, to be fully moved into the new house so that I could do Halloween up right!  I love to decorate, play creepy Halloweenie music, scare the kiddies, etc.  These are things that I relish in all year long, but Halloween is such a magickal time of year for such trickery.

Herein lies my discomfort..... We have yet to even partially move in.  I have set up much of the kitchen, and hung most of my clothes in the closet, but such things as beds and computers have not yet made it to the new space.  It seems almost unlikely that they will before mid weekend.... As a result, I am terribly saddened, and the holiday is not engulfing me as it has done is years past.... 

'Tis my goal for the week to reapply the cobwebs, get my cackle in order, and set about Haunting!!

19 October 2010

Discussion of my Absence....

I am, by nature, an avid writer. I love to create using words.  That is the purpose of this blog.  However, lately I have been feeling far to exhausted to undertake any addition creative endeavors other than the ones that are already expected of me.  Let me give you a breakdown of the my life, as of late.....

I posted about the search for our first home purchase.  In fact, I believe I spoke of my "wish list."  Turns out, we found a house that is just about perfect, and on 4/10 an acre!   All paperwork was signed and recorded on the 4th of this month.  The house is now our home.... though we are still trying to finish the moving part.

Moving is a ridiculously difficult undertaking.  I am quite tired of it, frankly, but now that Christopher has begun working nights, his body has yet to adjust to this dramatic change.  He has been too tired to assist me in the packing.  Which is fine, but it is all beginning to feel a bit overwhelming.

In addition to my many responsibilities, I am nearing the middle of my final semester as an undergraduate.  I am preparing final projects, writing papers, taking tests, applying for jobs, etc.  I have a huge, looming fear that I will graduate and be unable to find suitable work.  Yes, I will have three majors and one minor under my belt, but what is the usefulness and marketability of this degree?  I fret.....

These tasks and responsibilities that lie before me, along with my duties to my three wee ones, have put me in a state of exhausted frenzy, hence the lack of posts.  I don't know how long I will be in absence, but every spare moment, I daydream of the little plot of land, my easel and/or yoga mat, and hot tea.  After all of this is completed, I may revel in these daydreams a bit before posting regularly again....

*** Want to get further into the depths of my mind?  I started a tumblr account as a place to keep my favorite images http://spidergoddess.tumblr.com/ ***

31 August 2010

Note to All Professors:

Please respect the 'bell.'  I respect you and your work enough to show up before the class begins.  At the same time, I expect that you will respect my work and time.  I need the 10 or so minutes to walk across campus and be on time for my next class.  If you keep me past the bell, I will likely be late for my next meeting, putting into motion a string of disrespectful events:
  • My teacher might feel that I disrespected him in showing up for class late.
  • My fellow classmates will be disrupted/distracted by my showing up late for class.
  • My grade will suffer, as tardiness compounds and lowers one's grade as would an absence.
  • etc.....

26 August 2010

New Beginnings

I am terribly excited at how this new year is shaping up.  My son has entered the first grade, my daughter is in preschool, and my wee one has moved to the bumblebee class.  These transitions have all gone seamlessly.  They are all doing really well.  In fact I believe they are thriving, learning more than they were previously.

I am also beginning my final semester as an undergrad.  I was a bit upset about having to go back to classes so soon after completing the summer semester (less than a week and a half), but I am alright with it now.  My classes are so lovely and interesting, and the professors seem to be passionate about the subjects they are teaching.  In all, I see this as an exciting few months ahead....

As is my way, I have made a list of goals and small achievements I hope to keep up with over the semester (and likely beyond). 

This semester I will:

1)  Walk/ride my bicycle to all of my classes instead of riding the bus

2)  Do the majority of my homework on the weekends, so that during the week I can pay more attention to working with Z on his reading, A on her letters, and N on signs and communicating

3)  Take the stairs instead of the elevator

4)   Schedule in 'me' time, where I actually do nothing other than enjoy my life (i.e. no homework, no housecleaning)

5)  Be better about keeping up with the housework by ridding myself of my excess.  This will be done by giving away more of the things that I do not need, and that I know my friends will enjoy.... (maybe a garage sale as well)

Just five simple goals, but they are enough to keep me busy, yet simplify my world by huge degrees....

16 July 2010

Wish List

As you may know, if you have read my earlier posts, we are in the marked to buy a house.  This is a terribly daunting, yet very exciting prospect.  Ideally, I want to live one some land in a Queen Anne Victorian home nestled in the woods.  I want to be able to farm, raise chickens, tend bees, bake pies, and drink lemonade while sitting in my porch swing....

However, for my first house, I must be content with something a bit different.... I have made a list of the features which I am looking for.  These are bits that I simply cannot do without:

1)     At least 3 bedroom and 1 1/2 baths - we have 3 wee ones, and less than 3 bedrooms means chaos

2)     I would like a fairly open floor plan, especially a kitchen that is not closed off

3)     I would like there to be a window in the kitchen, one on which I could set a plant or two (i.e. aloe vera, basil...)

4)     A sizeable backyard where we can have a dog, I can plant a garden, and the kids can

5)     A porch, or room to build one. ( Gotta have the porch swing. )

These are very doable, but we have been having the experience that we will find a house, and before we are even able to look at it, it will go under contract.  This has happened 4 or 5 times already.  (Proof that the economy is not as bad as we are led to believe) 

Today, I will go and look at a house that appears to meet this criteria, and then some....I will let you know

06 July 2010

Soul of a Librarian

I am a book lover.  Actually, it goes far beyond that.  I have a raging, passionate love affair with books.  As a child, books were my best friends.  I would read under the covers at night, using my digital alarm clock for light.  My parents would have to enforce bedtime by taking away my reading materials.  Any where I went, I had to have a book with me.

The love affair that started in the early years of my youth, still burns with the same passion.  I continue to bring a book with me *everywhere* I go.  I feel naked without it.  I keep a book in the glove compartment of my car, just in case there is a quiet moment when I can read a few lines.

Being passionate about reading, I have often pondered how it is that I can raise my children to share this passion, as I put a good deal of value on this trait.  I believe that it is my duty to raise children that love to read.  As such, I have done a bit of reading (haha) into the subject.  What I have found, in the way of scholarly and expert advice, is this: teach by example. Experts believe that having parents and role models who love to read does more for a child's reading habits, than anything you can say or do for them.

My example:  
1) My children live in a house were the bookshelf, not the television, is the center of the common living space. 
2) They also have a personal bookshelf in their rooms, where their favorite books are kept. 
3) The kids see their father and me reading daily.  We also, in order to get more reading time, have established an hour or so when the kids must "chill."  During this time they can read, draw, or do anything that helps them relax and quiet down before bed.  Often, they choose to read.
4) The fourth, and final way (that I can think of right now) that I get my kids to read, is by letting them choose their own books. Be they comics or Dr. Seuss, we regularly go to the library and/or book store so they can choose their own reading materials.  This, I believe is crucial....

This is what I do to raise my kids to be passionate about reading.  How do you work to this end?  What are your suggestions?

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get an "I Can Read!" book. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

03 July 2010

Well-Dressed Dessert

My Grandmama had a huge collection of very interesting cookbooks.  When she left this world, I inherited a large number of them.  I am so amused by some of them, that I thought I should begin sharing them with y'all.

The first installment in what may become a series, is this gem: The Well-Dressed Dessert.  It was put out by Cool Whip, and is very psychedelic.  I love the various photos and drawings......

This is such a great cover.  To add to its coolness, it is made with its own stand, so that you can easily refer to it while making a Well-Dressed Dessert.

Kicky Kupcakes?!  Who doesn't want to make Kicky Kupcakes? Goodness me, I am a sucker for alliteration....

What expert cake decorating.  I shall definitely copy this fashion on a future celebratory cake.

Grandmama didn't even know how hip she was.  I should show you her wardrobe next time.....

28 June 2010

What's Happening in my Garden.....

I am a renter, but currently trying to change that.  My sweet hunny and I are on the house hunt.  Knowing this, I hesitate to landscape and garden since I am always deeply saddened to leave behind plants I have raised and loved.  As a result, it is all about container gardening for me this year.  I still have some more work to do, but I am really enjoying the look of my garden.  I have some photos to share....

This is my lovely little basil plant that was given to me when it had but three leaves on it.

This is a photo of the moonvine and morning glory plants my daughter and I planted as seeds just a couple of months ago.  Unfortunately there are no blooms the day this was taken, but just know they are lovely.  There are white, blue, purple, and variegated varieties in that one box. (Note the thriving okra plant at the bottom center..)

It is not the best photo, but there are two passion vine cuttings that have finally taken root (thank you Katinka) and are beginning to become proper plantykins.  I cannot wait until the precious, unique flowers are in full blossom!!

This is another box of moonvine and morning glory plants my daughter and I are nurturing.  We are hoping they will wrap around and take over the whole bench.  That would be site indeed.

Well, there are many more photos, but I will leave it at that for now.  By the next update on my garden, I hope to have pictures of my herb seedlings, as well as Before and After photos of the back yard.....

26 June 2010

Bright Lights, Big City

I am ever so excited.  I went seed shopping today, on the internet.  The result:  I have a large amount of organic herb seeds coming to mi casa. As terribly excited as I am, I am uncertain as to what I will do with all the seeds.  Each package contains 100 seeds, and as a container gardener, I won't use but 20 at most.  Cases such as this bring out the entrepreneur in me.

My small fantasy, is that I will cultivate and grow into seedlings, these certified organic herbs.  Then, once they are ready to be transplanted, I will sell them on craigslist, for a small amount.  To recoup my cost is simple, as the seeds themselves were not costly.  Plus, the time invested is worth it to me, as I love watching things grow and nurturing new life.  In all, I see it as a winning situation.

Here is a list of the seeds I ordered:
Black Cumin
Echinacea Angustifolia
Echinacea Purpurea
Geman Chamomile
Roman Chamomile
Lemon Balm 
Lemon Bergamot

25 June 2010

I am the girl who talks to birds

Or, at least I try to.  I don't even realize I am doing it much of the time.  I will see a pretty birdie and will find myself attempting to communicate with it.  It makes me giggle to imagine what folks who randomly happen upon my "kaa ka kaaaaa!" are thinking.

I have always felt a bit connected to black birds and magpies everywhere.  I am a scavenger who tends to be distracted easily by glittery, shiny things.  My collection of found objects is tucked in various places throughout my nest.

Take a gander at a few little bits I have picked up recently....
 I love cicadas.  As an Oregonian, I had never seen a cicada until I moved to Texas.  I was ecstatic to have found this one in perfect condition.

I was tickled when I saw this on the ground near my feet.  Magnolia trees are another native Texan I didn't see much of in Oregon.  Their seed pods are amazing, and look like something from a prehistoric garden, don't you think?  I love the blooms on a magnolia tree, though I am not too fond of the trees.  Texas trees are more like shrubbery than the gargantuan trees I grew up around.....
The nest is not a found object, but the wee butterfly is.  Isn't she lovely?  I am always mesmerized by butterflies.  Just the other day I was chasing one in the playground with my children.  We thought sure we could capture it, but alas, it was not meant to be....

 Found this little eggie a while ago, in the beginning of Spring.  I wanted to share it along with my other found objects, though, as it is so lovely.  I appreciate its pale, pale blue accompanied by odd markings of a purpley black color. 

I am currently working on some 3d collages that incorporate some of my precious found objects.  As soon as they are finished, I will post photos here.

22 June 2010

My daily itinerary.....

Recently, my life (as well as the life of my family) has become a bit more chaotic.... or busy, rather. This is due to the death of our 'other' car, making us a one car household.  As a result, my freedom of timetable is greatly lessened.  Here is what a 'normal' day looks like, until we get our 'other-other' car fixed.....

4 am - Wake up and take the honey to work

4:45 - Arrive back at the house, put the kiddos in their beds, and hope they go back to sleep

5 am - Eat breakfast, lay out clothes, check email, pack lunches, drink coffee read facebook, finish homework etc.

6 am - Get the wee ones up and feed them breakfast

6:30 am - Dress bebes, do hair,  water plants

7am - leave and take wee ones to Summer Camp

8 am Catch bus from UT to Internship

9 - 11 am - Teach English to Refugess (Internship)

11:30 - 1pm - MES class

1 - 4 work on homework, readings, and various other school stuff

4 - 5 - fetch my wee ones and drive home

5 - 6 -  Make dinner then sit down to eat

6 - 6:30 - eat and relax

6:30 - 7(ish) - Pick up the honey from work

7 - 8 - bathe and prepare the wee peoples for bed

8 - ??? Hang out with the honey, do homework, etc.

I do so hope that we can get the 'other-other' vehicle up and running soon, as I have so little time right now. I feel that I am always in a rush. There has been no art done in my home, at least not by me.  I have a creative yearning, but very little time or energy to put aside for its expression.....

20 June 2010

Bureaucratic Bullpoop

My college financial aid office is being ridiculously slow about getting me my money!  Myself and numerous other folks I know are halfway through the first summer session and have still not gotten our funds.  As a result, we were forced to take out tuition loans, which cost us both finance charges and interest.

Do to the 'recession,' our University has been suffering budget cuts.  I theorize that, as a means of recovering from these cutbacks, they are causing students to have to take such measures (tuition loans).  Think of it, $25 from just 1,000 of 50,000+ students... That is a good bit of scratch!

I have a meeting with my fin aid counselor on Monday though, and I have high hopes that I will get my check at some point early this coming week.....(Please send prayers this way)..... *When( this does happen, I have a small list of 'necessities' I am gonna purchase:

I will invest in a new parasol/umbrella.  My last one served me well, but her time has passed...

My textbooks for the fall.  I would like to have a bit of a head start on my final semester, but we know what they say about 'good intentions.'

I need a new pair of 'every day' shoes.  I was thinking about buying some Earth Shoes

I need a proper tuning key for my Celtic Harp

..... and my one major luxury item, though I hope to improve my business and art with it, is.....

16 June 2010

Over Indulgence

I met a fabulous woman yesterday - Young, "not old"- and we had a lovely conversation as my Honey shopped for hair products.  Young was well traveled and wise.  During our exchange, she summed up the problems plaguing most humans, especially Americans.

According to this sagely woman, for one to remain in good health, it is important that you not eat to fullness.  It is better to eat 'just enough,' leaving a bit of room in the stomach for proper digestion.  So, too, it is with life.  We mustn't stuff ourselves to capacity, but take/use only 'just enough.'

14 June 2010

Personal Growth

Initially, when I began this journal, I was going to showcase my crafting and art.  However, this has turned into a chronicle of my person growth.  I am not planning to stray too far from that, but I do want to add my crafty side as well. Unfortunately, my life has been so taken up with my studies and my family that I have not been altogether crafty as of late (unless you count my daily cooking projects)....


Recently I read a quote that truly effected my outlook and energy placement in the realm of relationships.  Though I know not where the quote came from, or the exact wording, I am going to attempt to put it down here:

"Do not make a priority anyone to whom you are just an option."

When I read this, it was stated in a much more succinct and eloquent order, but you can get the  general idea from this.... Anyway, this really effected me.  I thought about it a good bit.  It seemed that there was a significant number of people who I sought to have involved in my life.  I would expend energy in trying to cultivate a relationship with these people, but I was the only one who was really putting energy and effort to make the relationship blossom.

This realization was/is very intense to me.  Knowing that there are already very amazing and wonderful people who make my friendship a priority, and any time that I spend chasing unfulfilled friendships was taking time away from cultivating true friendships, and (more importantly) spending time with my family.  This does not mean that I will not cultivate new friendships, I just won't get involved in a one-sided relationship anymore.  I will not make someone a priority, if I am to them just an option.....

28 May 2010

Oh me, Oh my!

I don't know what it is about Fridays that make me feel sentimental.  Perhaps it is the whole "end" of the week thing.... Anyway, I have this little ditty kickin' up its heels in me brain.....

07 May 2010

Flashback Friday

This week, I am not going too far back.  I am in a 'James' kinda mood though.  This is one of my favorite songs from them.....

24 April 2010

Vampires and Presidents

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterI have always been a bit of a history geek. I say 'bit of' because it is only certain eras  or individuals in history that I am interested in.  For instance, I am fascinated with Amelia Earhart.  Also, I study WWI history, but only from an Arab perspective, and WWII from the Japanese perspective.

One historical character I have always had a deep, abiding love for is Abraham Lincoln.  In high school, one might even say that I was a little obsessed with him.  I even went so far as to have professional senior photos taken of me beside a small statue of this illustrious, historic figure.  Knowing this, you may have some idea of the odd mix of emotions I fest as I picked up Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

As I sat for the first time , holding Mr. Grahame-Smith's sophomore novel,  I was all at once filled with curiosity, excitement, and apprehension.  The peculiar mix of emotions did little to dissuade me from reading the book, however.  In fact, I began reading it almost immediately.

Some books -okay most books- take a few pages to get started, a few pages before one becomes fully entrenched in the tale. Mr. Grahame-Smith wasted no time, however, in spinning such a yarn that would come to demand hours of the reader, even outside of the pages themselves. I was so engrossed in the story that I found myself considering his alternate reality. When not reading, I daydreamed about hunting vampires with Abe, or becoming part of the "Union."

That Grahame-Smith was able to closely follow the events in the life of the Great Emancipator, while interweaving an epic vampire saga, and not change any of the major events of history, is a credit to his storytelling. I am not one to add spoilers to my reviews, so I won't go any further. Just know that the mythology in this novel is fantastic and easy to sink into. I found myself wishing it were all real, that vampires really were to blame for one of the darkest times in US history....


On a slightly different note,  and due to my absolute enjoyment of this novel, I believe that I shall have to explore the genre further.  The result is a book group.  We shall read the original literary works, and then their super extraordinary monster counter novel.  In addition, I have been throwing around a few of my one ideas:

- Love and Shapeshifters in the Time of Cholera
- Jane Eyre and the Succubus
- Crime and Punishment and Banshees
- Moby Dick and Captain Hook
- and.......

23 April 2010

Flashback Friday

So a whole week has gone by, and I have not posted a thing!  Golly gee.... but I am gonna post twice today, as a way of making up for it.  Right now, I am giving you a bit of fun for your Friday... Give this video a gander.  Don't you wish you could kick up a heel with these hep cats?!  I do....

16 April 2010

Flashback Friday

This woman is another of my heroes.  Her career is rich as is her voice.

09 April 2010

Harried Housewife...

Okay, so I am not really a 'housewife,' but I appreciate alliteration, and I am ever so 'harried'....

This week I have dropped the ball on my 30/30 project.  What a perfectly dreadful time to have such a task anyway.  It is nearing the end of one of my most grueling semesters to date, and I am attempting to raise three wee ones, as well as working on my art.  The poetry project simply is not a priority, no matter how much I like the idea of it.....

I have not given up completely on this, however.  I have finalized my summer schedule for school, and I think that I may make June my official poetry month, so I can at least participate in my own way......

 As this semester winds to a close, I am plagued with many tests and presentations.  I have managed to choose my topics, and so must do some serious work to stay on top of the game:

For my 4th year Arabic course, I have chosen to do my presentation (10 min, completely in Arabic) about Honor Killings around the world.  I plan to integrate the topic of Honor and Suicide as well.

For my final paper in the same class, I am going to write it about abandonment in Arab Literature.  This class is a lit class, and many of the stories we have abandonment as a reoccurring theme.  I think it will make for a fine topic.....

My final presentation (20 min, completely in Arabic) for my Media Arabic course is going to be about Salah Adeen (aka Saladin).  He is one of my historical crushes, along with Abraham Lincoln and the first king of Iraq, Faisal.......

All of these topics are going to have to wait 24 hours though, as I am hosting a dinner party tonight.  (Another reason I am feeling a bit harried).  I must finish my tidying of the home, bake some bread, and chop veggies so that I can comfortably relax and partake of wine, good food, and excellent conversation.....

06 April 2010


     long hours with little reprieve....
The weight of the world,
    if only I could bear it,
But laziness and the struggle have left me indifferent......

05 April 2010

3/30 & 4/30

So, I admit it, I already dropped the ball.  Whatever, it is Easter weekend and madness has ensued.... I will try to make up for it by making up two poems, on-the-fly, right here and now..... Pay attention, this is how it is done.....

Easter has come and gone
     and so rest the wee ones
Time spent and shared
     acquaintances reacquainted
          another year

Who are you, really?
I have known you for over a decade,
          I don't really know you
Sure, I know what movies you enjoy, 
     what books you read
     the music you listen to
     what are your passions
.....But I can't help thinking there must be MORE?

There I shall leave it, with two crappy poems to catch up on my 30/30 project......

Now I must complete a ridiculous amount of homework before 11am tomorrow.... Not quite possible, since I will inevitably succumb to sleep in a matter of and hour or  two.  It is my way...

02 April 2010

Flashback Friday

Michael Buble and others have attempted what only Nina Simone could do properly. This is the way this song was meant to be presented.....


So, I am really getting into this project, and it is only day two!!  I am easily falling back into the mode of thinking in poetry.  Here is my second offering....

Breathe Deeply
     Taking it all in
Exhale Slowly
     Letting it wash over me.
I love mornings like these
     When the rain is cold
     When the coffee is hot
     When the kids are still in bed
           and I can just be me
                 become a better me
I will offer this, to those still sleeping....

01 April 2010


So begins the month of April.  This month is officially National Poetry Month. The challenge is to write a poem each day. I have chosen to take on this project.  As a disclaimer, I must say that it has been a while since I wrote any poetry.  Let us hope there will be a marked improvement over this course of this month....

Emotional Disturbance

Perhaps brought on by exhaustion
      or maybe I just need an excuse

Surveying my surroundings
I realize that it is timer for change.

Spring is time for new blossoms
      and I've already planted the seeds.....

31 March 2010

Weekly Book Review Wednesday.....

I recently read the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series - Lightning Thief.  The movie recently came out, and it is my custom to always read the book, prior to viewing the movie.

Before I began reading this book, I anticipated suspense and excitement that I was certain was to come along with this adventure.  However, I found it difficult, initially, to get into this book. I fear that JK Rowling has made it difficult not to compare all other young adult magic/fantasy books to Harry Potter. Even some of the terminology is the same as that in the Harry Potter series (i.e. Half-blood)

I did get past the initial similarities and  became very involved in this fabulous story.  Rick Riordan intermingles the Modern day with the Ancient Greek Gods. Evidently, they now live in America and subject us to their various whims.

Percy is a fine and unsuspecting hero who 'accidentally' saves the day many times.  I look forward to reading about his further quests.  All-in-all, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being best, I would give this book 3.5 stars.

26 March 2010

Flashback Friday

The day of the week where we take it back..... Sometimes waaaay back.

This week, I am blessing you with a special treat. Cher is one of my favorite performers. Enjoy.....

23 March 2010

Weekly Book Review Wednesday.....

Arcadia FallsArcadia Falls
I received a copy of the book Arcadia Falls by the author Carol Goodman, just a few short days ago. I had read Ms. Goodman's first novel, The Sea of Dead Languages, and enjoyed that, so I was anxious to dive into this story.

Arcadia Falls takes place in a mountain refuge where a historic artist commune had been located. This commune had been a space for women, primarily, to nurture their talents. Later the commune became a girls' school that was shrouded in intrigue and tragedy.

The recently widowed Meg Rosenthal, and her teenage daughter Sally, move to the school so Meg can teach and Sally attend. The stage is set with the death of a student in their first days at the academy. This begins the unraveling of an intricately woven mystery.

The book immediately reeled me in, as I forsook sleep to read much of the first half. Goodman's prose flow quite freely, making the novel a relaxed and comfortable read. In the beginning (about the first 30 pages), I did struggle with the main character. Her very obvious weaknesses and the artificial dialogue between her and her daughter troubled me. However, as the book progresses, this ceases to be an issue.

Goodman has told a surprisingly complex tale, and though it bears similarity to her first novel, it is obvious that her writing has grown considerably. She completes the package with a nice, tidy ending. I would have been a bit happier if it reflected life more accurately by leaving a loose end or two. All in all, however, I truly recommend this book.

17 March 2010

Lady Green Finger

I am a small town girl, stuck in the city due to the necessity of my chosen situation. Or, as my dear friend Molly phrases it, I am an "affected provincial."

City-bound though I may be, I still desire to raise my children in such a fashion as they will experience things I benefited from in my own childhood. Not that it is Spring, my desires of this realm turn toward gardening.

As a wee little lass, gardening was terribly important to my family's well being, and so we had a good bit of land set aside for this purpose. The largest plot was the "family garden," where we planted our year-long, staple foods. They regularly crossed our table, fresh or canned, as dictated the season.

The smaller patches/plots belonged to me and my sister. In these spaces we were allowed to plant and care for the foods we most desired to eat during the year, and none of the food that we did not. We were solely responsible for planting, weeding, etc. And, once they had blossomed and ripened, we would pick the best ones and enter then in the fair, where we often won ribbons.

Two other sizable plots we used to plant strawberries and raspberries. The yield was far more than our family needs, and so my sister and I would gather and sell the excess for the money to purchase our school clothes each year.

These treasured experiences I cannot quite duplicate for my children; we simply don't have the land. However, as we prepare our backyard to become a garden, I will include them in each step. This is Spring Break week, here in Texas. By the end of this week long holiday, I plan to have all the seeds in the ground, with their help. I will keep a photo journal of our work and progress......

08 February 2010

Once Upon A Lighthouse

On days like today, as a week of care-less freedom confronts me, that I consider my aspirations of being a lighthouse keeper. Many years past, I heard tell of an opening for the job of caring for a lighthouse. Though I was not entirely certain what that meant, I became obsessed with the idea. I fantasized about it, and still do.

In my imagination, being a lighthouse keeper is a solitary job. One literally lives inside of one's work. I would set up a modest space, mainly with frilly bits of lace and a large crate (or three) of books. During my contracted stint I would read, be all sorts of introspective, and accomplish a great deal of the writing projects I have begun. Though I am a social creature, I prefer to be social on my own terms. This means that I like the freedom to withdraw, as a turtle would into his shell. Having a family has been for me, somewhat difficult on this level. I can never fully withdraw. Nor do I want to, but those moments of solitude that I so treasure, are fewer than I would care to mention. Luckily, I have an extremely understanding lover who is willing to cart the wee ones off for their adventure, as I take a few moments for mine.

So, as a week of freedom, dubbed Spring Break, washes over me, I consider what it would be like to spend that time in a lighthouse. Each morning taking my tea by the sea; watching waves and they beat against the cliff that I envision my lighthouse rests upon. Climbing stairs to be closer to the stars at night. Breathing in fully the fresh, saltwater air.....