22 November 2009

I awaken this day, counting one year passed in this life, and another just beginning. This is my New Year! I do not make my resolutions on January 1st when the rest of the world's good intentions are pooled. I make my resolutions on my birthday, November 21st. Not far removed, if at all, from the usual and classic resolutions, these are the ways I desire to affect positive change in my life. I hope that these changes will not only endure this year, but be patterns that I instate and cultivate to endure all of my "ages." I feel a need/desire to declare them "out loud," so that I may not be permitted to ignore them....

* This year, I promise to take better care of my Mind, Body, and Spirit.
- Often I neglect the balance of the three as I engage in my academic pursuits.

This year I shall make time to work out: run, ride my bike, lift weights, and practice yoga (more than just a physical pursuit, to be sure).

To care for my Spirit, I shall continue (with greater diligence) in my endeavor to become one with G-d.

My Mind is fractured with the weight of my many responsibilities. To repair this, I must de-clutter. I shall not take on more than I KNOW I can handle. To do so is self-sabotage.

By balancing and caring for my 'trinity,' I believe I shall become a better mother, wife, friend, student, and artist. In sha' Allah.