12 December 2010


   I just finished reading this joint effort by P.C Cast and her daughter Kristen Cast. Together they wrote a vampire novel. Actually, it is more than that.  This book is the first in a series of vampire novels.  Now, I am just as into vampires as the next guy, but I am from a different school than the current craze.  My school is comprised of Anne Rice's characters, as well as Joss Whedon's Spike and Angel.  However, I am still up for any new offering of undead lore, so I gave this novel a go....
     The story begins when our heroine, Zoey, becomes marked.  This means that she will become a vampire in a few years. As those who are marked undergo "the Change," they attend a Vampire Academy of sorts.  The rest of the book follows Zoey as she tries to fit into her new "life."
     The story has a very interesting,albeit not too original, plot line.  It is well thought out and is definitely entertaining, yet the writing is distracting.  A good writer can tell a story, including the main character's struggles and inner conflicts, and never draw the reader away from the actual tale.  However, in this story, the main character's inner monologue can be so out of place and, if you will, "wonky" that the reader has to purposely pass over it.  (Not to mention a vagrant overuse of parenthetical statetments.)....
     I do believe that I may pick up the second novel... if I can get it for free on bookmooch

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