14 June 2010

Personal Growth

Initially, when I began this journal, I was going to showcase my crafting and art.  However, this has turned into a chronicle of my person growth.  I am not planning to stray too far from that, but I do want to add my crafty side as well. Unfortunately, my life has been so taken up with my studies and my family that I have not been altogether crafty as of late (unless you count my daily cooking projects)....


Recently I read a quote that truly effected my outlook and energy placement in the realm of relationships.  Though I know not where the quote came from, or the exact wording, I am going to attempt to put it down here:

"Do not make a priority anyone to whom you are just an option."

When I read this, it was stated in a much more succinct and eloquent order, but you can get the  general idea from this.... Anyway, this really effected me.  I thought about it a good bit.  It seemed that there was a significant number of people who I sought to have involved in my life.  I would expend energy in trying to cultivate a relationship with these people, but I was the only one who was really putting energy and effort to make the relationship blossom.

This realization was/is very intense to me.  Knowing that there are already very amazing and wonderful people who make my friendship a priority, and any time that I spend chasing unfulfilled friendships was taking time away from cultivating true friendships, and (more importantly) spending time with my family.  This does not mean that I will not cultivate new friendships, I just won't get involved in a one-sided relationship anymore.  I will not make someone a priority, if I am to them just an option.....