26 August 2010

New Beginnings

I am terribly excited at how this new year is shaping up.  My son has entered the first grade, my daughter is in preschool, and my wee one has moved to the bumblebee class.  These transitions have all gone seamlessly.  They are all doing really well.  In fact I believe they are thriving, learning more than they were previously.

I am also beginning my final semester as an undergrad.  I was a bit upset about having to go back to classes so soon after completing the summer semester (less than a week and a half), but I am alright with it now.  My classes are so lovely and interesting, and the professors seem to be passionate about the subjects they are teaching.  In all, I see this as an exciting few months ahead....

As is my way, I have made a list of goals and small achievements I hope to keep up with over the semester (and likely beyond). 

This semester I will:

1)  Walk/ride my bicycle to all of my classes instead of riding the bus

2)  Do the majority of my homework on the weekends, so that during the week I can pay more attention to working with Z on his reading, A on her letters, and N on signs and communicating

3)  Take the stairs instead of the elevator

4)   Schedule in 'me' time, where I actually do nothing other than enjoy my life (i.e. no homework, no housecleaning)

5)  Be better about keeping up with the housework by ridding myself of my excess.  This will be done by giving away more of the things that I do not need, and that I know my friends will enjoy.... (maybe a garage sale as well)

Just five simple goals, but they are enough to keep me busy, yet simplify my world by huge degrees....

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