20 June 2010

Bureaucratic Bullpoop

My college financial aid office is being ridiculously slow about getting me my money!  Myself and numerous other folks I know are halfway through the first summer session and have still not gotten our funds.  As a result, we were forced to take out tuition loans, which cost us both finance charges and interest.

Do to the 'recession,' our University has been suffering budget cuts.  I theorize that, as a means of recovering from these cutbacks, they are causing students to have to take such measures (tuition loans).  Think of it, $25 from just 1,000 of 50,000+ students... That is a good bit of scratch!

I have a meeting with my fin aid counselor on Monday though, and I have high hopes that I will get my check at some point early this coming week.....(Please send prayers this way)..... *When( this does happen, I have a small list of 'necessities' I am gonna purchase:

I will invest in a new parasol/umbrella.  My last one served me well, but her time has passed...

My textbooks for the fall.  I would like to have a bit of a head start on my final semester, but we know what they say about 'good intentions.'

I need a new pair of 'every day' shoes.  I was thinking about buying some Earth Shoes

I need a proper tuning key for my Celtic Harp

..... and my one major luxury item, though I hope to improve my business and art with it, is.....