20 January 2012


I feel small, aching sadness
     When I look upon my shadow
           and see that she is moving faster, farther than I

It troubles me
     That I cannot accept
            that I shall never be alone

As long as there is light
     Which illuminates my path

As long as there is movement
     She will be there beside me

10 January 2012

Three Ravens

I recently upgraded from using Photoshop 6.0 to Photoshop CS2.  I cannot begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. Instead I shall show you.  Here are a couple of pieces I made over the weekend.

05 January 2012

This is The End, Beautiful Friend.....

And so it begins,
                The End….
Darkness Descends
 upon us all…..
How does one prepare?
                What is the Next Step?
                A jump in Evolution?
                                A Cataclysmic Event?
A conscious acceleration
                Toward an unknown Destination,
                Each Day brings us Closer To
                                ….. The End