05 April 2010

3/30 & 4/30

So, I admit it, I already dropped the ball.  Whatever, it is Easter weekend and madness has ensued.... I will try to make up for it by making up two poems, on-the-fly, right here and now..... Pay attention, this is how it is done.....

Easter has come and gone
     and so rest the wee ones
Time spent and shared
     acquaintances reacquainted
          another year

Who are you, really?
I have known you for over a decade,
          I don't really know you
Sure, I know what movies you enjoy, 
     what books you read
     the music you listen to
     what are your passions
.....But I can't help thinking there must be MORE?

There I shall leave it, with two crappy poems to catch up on my 30/30 project......

Now I must complete a ridiculous amount of homework before 11am tomorrow.... Not quite possible, since I will inevitably succumb to sleep in a matter of and hour or  two.  It is my way...