25 November 2010

Happy Tofurkey Day!!

So, another day of giving thanks is here.  Another year that my family has shared and grown. 

This year I am thankful for:

....the house that we were able to buy and make our home.  A space for our children to run and grow and play.

...the dog that fell into our laps, that has brought us joy and hours of fun!

...that I will be graduating in about two weeks.

....that new paths are opening up to me, and I am able to grow and learn as I experience each day.

... that we have three healthy pecan trees in the yard that I used to fill these two sweet potato pecan pies to savor this holiday......

....and so very much more!!

1 comment:

Sarah Lulu said...

Congratulations on your new castle too! It's an exciting and exhausting time. I feel very blessed. I love painting trees .. the energy feels just right. xx