22 December 2009


I have forsaken my journal this holiday season. First it was a super intense semester that required the majority of my intentions, now it is... Inspiration!

I suppose that it is purely in relaxing that one is able to grab hold of one's inspiration. Almost immediately, after finishing my courses, I was struck by ideas that found their way to delicious and fabulous. Since then I have been doing a great deal of writing. I have been writing a great deal since then. Currently, I am working on a couple of short films. One of these I might like to turn into a graphic novel. It would be amusing in that form....

The very fancy list of books that I laid out to read during the break has barely been touched. However, I have been doing a great deal of reading. So far I have read Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman, The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo, and am working on The View From the Bridge by Nicholas Meyer, along with a few others. I like laying out the plans, that gives me sense of purpose, but I am also comfortable with deviation.

06 December 2009

Free Time?

Each semester break I become excited by the prospect of 'me' time. As much as I love school, I truly enjoy the opportunity to 'do' and read according to my whims. As such, I have compiled an impossibly long list of books I hope to read during the holidays:

1) Rome Wasn't Burnt In a Day by Joe Scarborough
2) Reason, Faith, and Revolution by Terry Eagleton
3) Ghost Map by Steven Johnson
4) Souls On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver
5) Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters
6) Harry Potter (book 1) -in Arabic....
7) Kierkegaard, Language, and the Reality of God by Steven Shakespeare

Also, during this break, I would like to do a good bit of baking and crafting...Oh Yeah! And journaling, of course....