29 December 2011

In the Coming Year

A couple of months ago, my Mum proposed the idea that she and I should do the half marathon - See Jane Run.

When Mum mentioned it, I had just under a year to train, which seemed entirely doable.  I said Yes, and began training, sorta..... I have only really begun running the past couple of weeks.  Already I have seen such improvements so as to completely excite me and keep me pressing onward.  I have decided to further challenge myself.

I have been wanting to do the Danskin Women's Triathlon for almost 6 years. I had even signed up for it one year, but found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and decided it was not the right time for me to do it.  I *will* do it in 2012 though!

This race is my favorite.  I do it every year.  I love the obstacles, the team aspect, the free beer, etc. Really, who knew a race could be so much fun!!

This is one a friend posted today.  She was asking for folks to join her in training... Looks fun; I just might.

19 December 2011

This is the Word....

I am a writer; it is one of the art forms that I feel I wield well.  I love to paint pictures with words, grammar as the stroke of my brush. The creation of a story is the drawing of a world into being, and this art form is my chosen medium of expression.

Currently, I am most excited about an idea that has been percolating for easily  two decades.  All of my interests and studies lead right back to one place.  It hit me, this correlation, quite recently.  I had noticed many "trends," if you will, in things I was studying, but had never put two plus three together to get the answer five before this.

Upon making the connections, I began planning a book.  This book is turning into a tome in the sheer scope of research that I must complete before being able to fully write on the subject.  However, I have been mulling over the beginning in my head since the inception of the idea.  Today, I sat down and wrote it. Now I am off and running.....

16 December 2011

My Crafty Side

I made some very important decisions last night. I love making things, to the point where, if I am not creating something new, I feel a bit anxious and unfulfilled. That is one of the reasons that I began my etsy shop.  I wanted to make what I love more than just a hobby.  However, I believe that the shop has taken from me some of the love that I have for the craft-ing.

I have not been terribly successful on Etsy. I think that the amount of time and self promotion that is needed to stand out from the crowd, is more than I really want to invest. I want to just be free to make the things that I love most, and not have to try to market them as well.  It is just too much effort and energy doing something I really don't care to do.

So, I have decided to let the listings in my Etsy shop expire.  I shall no longer pursue that avenue for peddling my wares.  I don't know if this is a permanent, but it is definite for right now.  I am very serious about being the writer I claim to be, and so I need to clear my plate of  several activities that get in the way of my progress.

Currently I am in the research phase of a book that I have to write.  This book requires my concentration and is calling my name.  Until further notice, I am hanging up the Etsy hat.