08 July 2011

The Works

So, Sunday my partner and I go and look at a possible retail space.  We are going into business!! That is what I have been bubbling over about, unable to sleep or shut down my overactive mind.  Yesterday, we got our DBA, and it is looking very much like this is actually going to happen for us!!  Oh, the excitement is at 11.

Care to know the name of this little venture of ours?  The Modern Edwardian ~ For those with a Flair for the Dramatic.  You like?  I have also put together a few logo/promotional designs.  I will post them here so you can tell me what you think.

That is the first design.  I did another version of it, that is just a different color, but it gives it a whole new look.

This one is not as simple, but quite in line with the style and presentation we are looking to convey.


And the last one, though I will likely make many more, is this.  It could easily be converted to a business card, once we are sure of the location....

Wish us well, and let us know what you think of the designs.