05 December 2010

Life, as yet, Unplanned

I just attended the commencement ceremonies for my Bachelor's degree.  It was last night at 6pm.  Three degrees, three kids, and seven years later, I feel I have accomplished much!  It felt so good to walk across the stage and shake the Dean's hand, knowing that I was crossing the threshold into a new chapter of my life.

During the ceremony, there was a faculty speaker, Dr. Robert King.  He gave a short, simple, and sweet speech.  Contained within his speech were five "suggestions" for how to live the rest of our lives.  I found the advice to be very sound, so I thought that I should chronicle them here, lest I forget them:

1.     Be flexible.  Having graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree, flexibility is key to success in one's future....

2.     Read one book each month.  It does not matter what it is, just that you read something that does not come off of a computer screen...

3.     Do not depend on your gadgets.  One day each month, turn off all gadgets, and live!  This means cell phones, tvs, laptops, etc.

4.     Know thyself, and practice the Golden Rule.

5.     Love really is essential for living a full, fulfilled life.