16 July 2010

Wish List

As you may know, if you have read my earlier posts, we are in the marked to buy a house.  This is a terribly daunting, yet very exciting prospect.  Ideally, I want to live one some land in a Queen Anne Victorian home nestled in the woods.  I want to be able to farm, raise chickens, tend bees, bake pies, and drink lemonade while sitting in my porch swing....

However, for my first house, I must be content with something a bit different.... I have made a list of the features which I am looking for.  These are bits that I simply cannot do without:

1)     At least 3 bedroom and 1 1/2 baths - we have 3 wee ones, and less than 3 bedrooms means chaos

2)     I would like a fairly open floor plan, especially a kitchen that is not closed off

3)     I would like there to be a window in the kitchen, one on which I could set a plant or two (i.e. aloe vera, basil...)

4)     A sizeable backyard where we can have a dog, I can plant a garden, and the kids can

5)     A porch, or room to build one. ( Gotta have the porch swing. )

These are very doable, but we have been having the experience that we will find a house, and before we are even able to look at it, it will go under contract.  This has happened 4 or 5 times already.  (Proof that the economy is not as bad as we are led to believe) 

Today, I will go and look at a house that appears to meet this criteria, and then some....I will let you know