29 July 2011

A tisket a tasket

UPDATE: The space that my partner and I were going to move our shop into did not work out.  We were two days away from signing paperwork, and we got the call.  It was heartbreaking, but we decided that we could find something better.  For now, I am working on a website where we will conduct our business.  I will have more details on that, coming soon....

In my crafting life, I have begun making dolls again.  It used to be that for each of my friends' birthdays I would make them a doll that was fashioned in their likeness.  I haven't done that in years though.  In fact, it wasn't until recently that I have begun making dolls again. 

It used to be that I was only making cloth dolls, but I have recently taken to altering plastic dolls, such as barbies. Here is one I made at the request of my daughter....
I hand stitched all the beads and such onto her outfilt, and made her headpiece and various bits of jewelry from Creative Paperclay.  It is an awesome clay.  It is water based, and dries to a porcelain like clay.  It hardens without baking.  I am currently working on this mermaid, made from the same clay and the remains of a doll attacked by our puppy....
Trust me, it was not easy to find two shells small enough to be cover her wee breasts.  All she needs now is to have her hair done, her makeup, and some fabulous jewels!

This last doll I made one evening while hanging out with a friend.  We decided it was time to get back into sewing doll.  I decided to make mine a fairy.
My daughter, who assisted me in painting the doll's face, named her Flower Rosey Daisy.  I thought that was a good name for a fairy. 

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